It took him a moment for his eyes come into focus, as he looked up he saw the most beautiful creature sitting beside him. She leaned over him shadowing out the sun so he could get a better look at her, and there before him was this girl that had golden blond hair, the most captivating violet eyes, and the most striking features, it was as if she was glowing.

Follow one young boy’s escapades as heartbreaking events suddenly embark him on a journey into the world of magic.

In the midst of the tragedy, Frances’ estranged grandmother mysteriously shows up and takes him to her private island. Never did he imagine that he was in for the surprise of his life as he began to witness things that he never imagined existed, encounter events he never knew would take place, and meet the angel-like mermaid beauty, NaLee.-

What exciting adventures will follow?

Enter a world of mystery, mayhem, piracy, surprise, and a private island full of secrets in author E.J. Sankey’s NaLee.

NaLee is the beginning of a trilogy and that the next book to look for is Fire and Ice.